Google Working to Launch Smartwatch and Android Gaming Console


Google working on plans for developing a gaming console and a smartwatch to be launched this fall. Close sources from Google has informed that they are planning to launch a gaming console akin to OUYA and a smartwatch. The Nexus Q, which landed with a nose dive in the market, will also get improvements so that buyers find it attractive. We can expect the gadgets with the latest improvements by fall this year.

The Strategy

This is in fact a good strategy to gather fan following for Google’s products under the Nexus banner. Third party manufacturers have been involved like LG, Asus, and Samsung to supply the components, and the hardware is supplied by Google itself. Now that Apple is planning to launch the gadget- iwatch Google too is taking steps to create a similar device.

Failure of the Nexus Q

The biggest cause that causes the doom of the Nexus Q is the price of the product. Since the design was created by US designers and the product was built completely in-house, the price could not be kept competitive.

Keeping this in mind Google is planning to outsource as well as work on cheaper hardware for its Androids, consoles and smartwatches.

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