Google’s April Fool Day Launch: 8 Bit Google Maps for NES


The April Fools’ Day has seen the launch of the 8-bit Google Map for Nintendo Entertainment System understanding the importance of maps on gaming consoles. Tatsuo Nomura, a Google Maps software engineer, says that their engineering team in Japan ‘understands the importance on maps on retro game systems’. That may be why Google has found it ‘funny’ to introduce the 8-bit maps for the Nintendo gadgets on this day.

The Launch

Google massive data centers was supported by Nintendo and Square Enix for the development the 8-bit maps. The beautiful 8-bit maps have ‘simple and intuitive’ graphics. A mobile version for the 8-bit map is also on the cards for Game Boy.

The Promotional Video

Even the performance of the actors in the promotional video of Google 8-bit maps for the Nintendo platforms were terrific. We see the nice 8-bit maps when a Japanese family searches for the Egyptian pyramids or tries to map the route to New York from Los Angeles. And next they try the voice search feature of the Google maps to find Peru Nazca. It is filled with such optimism that you will undoubtedly get the feel-good factor.

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