Higher Level of Borderlands 2 will be live on 2 April


Borderlands, brainchild of Gearbox is now upgrading the game to increase the level cap to 61 from 50. It will be available for all the gaming console gadgets like- Play station, PC and Xbox 360. Those already possessing the Season Pass game will get the update for free where as those with the regular version will get a pocket pinch of $4.99 for availing the update.

A new mode

“Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Mode” is another mode that will not be chargeable for anybody, but you will have to defeat “true Vault Hunter Mode” and be level 50 to enjoy this. An improvement in the weapon will also be included and it is called Pearlescent.

New character coming soon

Gearbox is planning to put up another character, in fact. Krieg-as he is called will make the game even more gruesome. As such there are three so called skill tress- bloodlust, hell born, and mania, and the action skill of Krieg will be “Blood Axe Rampage”. Instead of getting it developed by someone else Gearbox has itself developed the new DLC.

But to get the Krieg DLC update you will have to wait till May because this issue is not part of the present campaign.

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