IMDB released mobile trivia game for iOS


Earlier this week, IMDB unveiled a new app Trivia after the huge success of mobile apps it launched previously. By far, users have downloaded IMDB apps 26 million times and the number is increasing with every passing day.

Trivia for iOS

This time IMDB has released mobile trivia game for iOS but for Android and other gadget platforms it will be released later. After the feedback for iOS app is reviewed it will come with three free games “packs” wherein each pack has five different levels and the level of difficulty increases with every level. Along with that, those of you who wish to buy two more additional packs can get it just by paying 99 cents each.

Play Button on Each Page

In a conference, Needham suggested that the biggest goal for IMDB was to ensure that there should be a play button on every page but they did not quote how much time it will take to achieve this but he did say that within few years, business models would advance to that level. While they are working level hard and making their dream come true, it is commendable that many titles on the site has at least a playable trailer and many offer full playback.

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