Leaked Photos of Bungie Studios “Destiny”


IGN has provided the details of “Destiny”, created by Bungie Studios. After Halo3, the reputation of Bungie Studios suffered due to split from Microsoft and often teased. But with this leaked news “Destiny” awaits message, it has zipped the mouth of people who pointed at its inconsistency. Yet there are no official reports from the Halo 3 creators.

The Destiny

Destiny is a new genre of science fiction originally scheduled to be released birth with the Xbox 360, Xbox 720 gadgets and it is more light heart-ed future vision. It is far from being grotesque, and the stage is set 700 years in advancement.

The Plot

To even more interest you the plot revolves around the last city on earth seven hundred years ahead. An anonymous alien ship comes and stations itself like the moon. In the meantime, aliens from a different planet come and cause havoc to be saved by the alien ship that is anonymous. You can be the knight to save the planet from monsters.

With ‘Destiny’, Bungie is trying to bring more accessible gaming experience with more social elements. Creators have aimed to make the universe more realistic, tangible and deep like that of ‘Star Wars.’

Incredibly popular theme and equally exciting storyline: destiny still awaits Destiny!

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