Legacy of the Void to end StarCraft II saga


StartCraft II SagaOn November 10, 2015, StarCraft II saga which began with subtitle “Wings of Liberty” will end its five years reign and with a new subtitle called “Legacy of the Void.”  StarCraft was first created for Microsoft’s Windows desktop in 1998, from where it moved on to other platforms and gadgets. StarCraft II was the sequel to the earlier video game, which is primarily military action based game with real time actions. The last title in this video game was “Heart of the Swarm.”

The Story

All StarCraft games have two forces, i.e., Protoss and Zerg which are always in conflict. Heart of the Swarm was led by Zerg. The goal in the new game would be to help Protoss get back their homeland. The story actually ends with this new game.

Beta Access

For now, those who pre-order this game can access the Beta version. This version includes the story forming the continuation of the previous game to the new game. This pack can be bought for 40 Euros as of now. But there is a premium version as well, which includes additional features such as in-game, cards, and unique skins for the forces. This version will cost approximately 60 Euros. The extraordinary feature in this is a possibility to share army and base with friends and collaborate with them for defeating the challengers.


StarCraft is a much-loved game introduced by Blizzard Entertainment. It remains to be seen if Legacy of the Void matches in popularity with the rest of the games in this product line.

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