Limited Edition of Blue Wii Available at Walmart on Black Friday


Some of you may recall that Nintendo Europe had recently announced their Blue Wii Bundle with Mario & Sonic at the impending London 2012 Olympic Games. Well, Nintendo has not made any official announcement for the United States, but Walmart will be selling the Wii exclusively for Black Friday.

This Blue Wii from Walmart will be available from Thursday, November 24 (err, Black Friday has now become Black Thursday!), for just $100. Besides, all those who arrive early enough for the sale will be able to purchase Yakuza 4 for a mere $10, Epic Mickey for $15, Batman: Arkham City for $28 and more. That is quite a deal, is it not?

The blue Wii remotes will start selling at 10:00pm on Thanksgiving Day, that is, Thursday. Your Wii bundle will include a console, matching Wii Remote Plus and a Nunchuk as well.

Well, folks, be sure to be present there on time, else you will end up losing the game, quite literally!

More about the Wii Remote

The Wii Remote, which is also known as the Wiimote, is the basic controller for Nintendo’s Wii console. The best feature of this little gadget is its motion sensing ability, which enables the user complete interaction with the screen, as also manipulation and navigation of items on the screen, by way of gesture recognition. The user can also employ pointing by way of using the optical sensor and the already present accelerometer.

The Nunchuk

The Nunchuk, an extra attachment available with the Wii, brings with it features similar to a gamepad controller.

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