Many Online Services of Nintendo Wii will Shut Down on 28 June


If you are not upgraded your Nintendo gadget to the Wii U version, it is time for you to do so because Nintendo has planned to shut down some of the online services of Wii. Sometime back even Wii was latest, and many will still vouch that it is still the best, but Nintendo has some other plans it seems!

Wii channels to be erased

The 28 June has been set as the day when the prominent Wii channels like Everybody Votes, Forecast, News and Check Mii will no more be telecast. Even though, nothing has been said about Data Exchange and Message Board, they will soon follow in the oblivion.

Is it the trend?

Nintendo will be first to pave a path of upgrading gaming consoles and let’s see if others have chances to follow the same trend. As for the time being, we are aware that PS2 services still existed even when PS3 was creating news. With the impending PS4 in the market, let see whether or not the S3 fades away.

Even though, it takes many resources to keep the online support going, but surely dropping services suddenly will not be appreciated by many.

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