Microsoft announces the Xbox One- arriving in the market by end of this year


It is not unlike of Microsoft to launch their next generation gaming console and as speculated the news is here-the Xbox One-which will hit the market by this year.

What spokesperson has said?

The official spokesperson- Don Mattrick- has specified that the gadget, which will definitely come by later this year, will be launched at the Redmond Headquarters at a grand event. He did not specify the price. He has called it a complete entertainment platform.

About Xbox One

The Xbox one will be endowed a revamped controller and advanced sensors called Kinect. This is an important platform for the gaming consoles and Microsoft is using it. Resembling a VCR closely, as some people joked; it sports an 8-core CPU, 8GB internal memory, and 500GB disc drive. Other features are Voice activation, Blu-Ray drive, Wi-fi/HDMI/USB connectivity, Snap Mode, Multi-tasking like playing star trek and logging on to web simultaneously, to name a few.

Want it to get connected to the TV? Not sure what you want to watch? In all this circumstances, Xbox can not only get you connected to the channel but also show what’s going on in most popular channels.

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