Microsoft Finalized and Unboxed the Xbox One Design


In May, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming Xbox One device and told about the few changes they are going to make in the gaming console. Xbox One is expected to arrive in the market sometime in November, but today after finalizing the hardware and design Microsoft has unboxed its device in a video to let us know what the gadget is bringing in November.

Details of the Video

According to the most revealing details of the video the device Xbox One-Day One edition is the final device shown in the video. The device will be packaged under the Day One branding and will include digital achievement and unique controller. Xbox One-Day edition will have the limited supply at retail, and those who have pre-ordered will receive the package in exclusive branding of Day One.

Features of Xbox One

Xbox One will be featuring IR blasting four-microphone array, 1080p camera and the device will come along with a HDMI cable, user manuals, and Xbox One sticker. Users can work over Xbox One using wired mode or connect it via micro USB without using batteries.

The Play and Device kit will help in recharging the batteries using the same cable. HDMI Cable, Xbox One Sticker,


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