Microsoft Going to Unveil Next Xbox on May 21


The rumors are coming true as the next-gen Gaming console from Microsoft to see the day of light soon. Now it is the official news that the next Xbox is to be announced on May 21. We have also the invitation to the unveiling event that reads that Don Mattrick along with Xbox team has invited the media for this launching event.

See live on Spike TV

If you want to be among those who want to catch the first glimpses, then you may watch the live event on Spike TV. Sometime back we heard from Paul Thurrott about the applauding technicalities and let’s see why he calls it like that!

Iconic console

The Xbox consoles have been unique- the iconic, and simply the best console is still ruling US market for over two years now. Surely the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii were outshined in term of sales. This is basically the reason why Microsoft creates the product after such length! It is coming after the other two have announced their latest advancements, Wii U with its tablet like control and the PlayStation 4 with its promise of better graphics. Let’s see what is new for this gadget!

With the impending E3 gaming show, we can expect a lot of flaunting from Microsoft at the show.

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