Microsoft Plans to Introduce Halo 5 Exclusively for Xbox One


Halo 5 - GaurdiansMicrosoft’s Xbox One has been a laggard in the video games consoles market. Perhaps this is what prompted Microsoft to focus more on this entertainment device and its games. The company has plans to launch more than 12 AAA games titles for this gaming console in 2015. These plans will be revealed at the conference before the start of annual E3 (“electronic entertainment expo”). This event of 2015 is to be held from June 16 through June 18.

About the Games

Microsoft has plans to introduce latest versions of its popular games such as “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, and “Halo-5: Guardians” before the holiday season this year. Tentatively, the date for releasing “Halo-5: Guardians” is determined as October 27th. Other in-house games that Microsoft plans to introduce the new device this year include “Fable Legends”, “Battletoads”, and “Perfect Dark”. Actually, these upgraded games will remain attractive even in 2016. The company also intends to introduce new games. These games are developed by well-known and popular developers. Microsoft also revealed that it will be introducing the next release of “Gears of War” in 2016. Funnily, Microsoft did not mention “Call of Duty” developed by Activision. Versions of this game have consistently been launched at each E3 in the last five years.

Shifting to Xbox One

The company believes that the new games will prompt its entertainment gadgets, users, to upgrade from Xbox 360 to the new Xbox One gadget. The other reason such shift would come about is that Microsoft has improved the compatibility of the games played on Xbox 360. Therefore, the favorite games developed for Xbox 360 can now be played even on Xbox One.


Nobody expected gaming to become so popular. So Microsoft cannot be blamed for focusing only on office conveniences. But now that the working life is more or less streamlined with Internet and Office suites, Microsoft can start capturing market share in gaming and Mobile segment. It has considerable and varied experience to back it. Xbox One and its subsequent iterations are likely to re-establish Microsoft as the supreme leader once more.

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