Microsoft: Xbox 360 ‘Halfway’ Through Lifecycle


It is likely to be true that Microsoft will support Xbox 360 until the year 2016 as per the Xbox EMEA VP who says that Kinect will rekindle the interest in 6 yrs old gaming console. Microsoft is now working on its next console which is referred to as Xbox 720. It seems very likely that both the consoles could easily work together for some upcoming years till the later one goes down in popularity.

Official Statements

The officials in the interview have said that this latest gadget is only half way through till now. But the device is expected to make the market running with its appearance. It has the potential to run on a different path of success altogether. Because of its huge expected success, more and more enthusiasts and young people are actually running towards possessing it. The company is now in line with its goal.

Company Focus

Microsoft has intentionally focused on the children and the families with Kinect. Apart from that, it is now specializing in providing an amazing experience for the gaming enthusiasts. Microsoft, as well as the customers, is looking forward to this product with great anticipation for providing huge success.




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