Microsoft Xbox One is coming very soon in November


Microsoft planning the next-in-line Xbox 360; new look and games will be included in the existing gadget. With its release, we can definitely expect some more inclusions in the Xbox 360 because the Microsoft Spokesperson has already hinted at the aging console in the E3 event.

The changes in the Xbox 360

The first change that will come will be in terms of the look. It will be shinier, black and sleeker with a price tag of $200 for the 4GB gadget and $300 for the 250GB or 4GB plus Kinect devices. Additionally some new games- like Metal Gear Solid V: the phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto 5, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Batman: Arkham origins – are also being included along with some more scheduled to come next year. The improved model is available from today.

The Xbox One

The Xbox one will have all the game that is coming with the upgraded version of the Xbox 360 with some more options. It is eight years since the first Xbox 360 had come and it is high time for a new device like Xbox One.

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