Microsoft’s Next Generation Xbox One Photos Rolled Off


Xbox OneMicrosoft’s new family entertainment console gadget Xbox One is teased off, and its very first pictures appeared on Twitter that was posted by Microsoft’s Larry Hryb. Microsoft Xbox has made it a tough competition with Sony’s Playstation. This gaming console has not only taken over the hardcore gaming fans, but also the entire family.

Get Connected with the Family

Microsoft acquired Skype sometime back and now Skype is available as a built-in feature in all the Xbox consoles. The other gaming consoles though assert that they let the users chat, allow audio, video features, the features of Skype that lets one communicate with friends and families with much ease, can never be matched. When Kinect is brought in, the necessity of a webcam for communicating is ruled out.

Entertainment Features

The users can also keep off the remotes as they can watch the channels, and shows that are broadcasted currently and the ones coming up adjust volume controls, using the voice or gestures if the Kinect is connected. The official interactive content provider of NFL, from the current year is the Xbox One. Also, the major networks are connected with Xbox one, like UFC, Disney, CW, Amazon, Comedy Central and much more. Xbox one can be called an entertainment box with compete focus for a family. The box is said to hit the market on November 22nd.

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