Microsoft’s Xbox Live Strengthens Its Security System


With paid services hacked and misused by fraudsters being so commonplace, Microsoft has quietly gone for some vital security enhancements to the Xbox 360 Live system. Notifications are sent to compromised accounts when logins are not made from trusted gadgets or account changes are made to monitor for breaches.

Digital Offences Unrelenting

Fraudsters obtain usernames and passwords of Xbox Live from phishing attacks and malware programs and illegally distribute them over the internet or sell them. Very few are actually caught for credit card frauds and identity theft, but when they are, they are criminally prosecuted. However, the new security enhancement may prevent such frauds to a certain extent.

Microsoft’s Security Advice

As with any digital system, changing passwords regularly and using different passwords for different services is vital for keeping your account secure. It has been noted that ‘12345’ and ‘password’ are the usual passwords when the hacked login data is put online. For any changes in the account or changes that do not come from a trusted source will be notified to security phone numbers and secondary email addresses too. So if, the account is compromised in any way whatsoever you will know it instantly and should change the password.

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