Microsoft’s Xbox One Controller is Priced at $59.99 and Headset at $24.99


It is quite expensive for the Xbox lovers to own multiple controllers for the Xbox One device. The launch of Xbox console is expected sometime later year, and the console will itself cost $499.99. Moreover, the gadget will accompany one controller with itself in the pack but if you need another controller be ready to pay the cost.

Cost of Spare Controllers

Although Xbox One will carry one controller with itself, but if customers want another one then they have to shell out $59.99 from their pockets. The company has also revealed the cost of wireless chat headset to be $24.99 and customers will have to buy it separately as the headset is not included in the box. This is valuable information for the users playing on local multiplayer or using voice chat option on Xbox Live. The new Xbox One console is not compatible with the controllers and games of Xbox 360.

Price Comparison with Other Consoles

As soon as Xbox One will be hitting the market it would face competition with the Sony’s PS4 and Wii U. Sony PlayStation 4 comes with a headset and costs less than $100 as compared to Xbox One. To beat this issue, Microsoft is providing Xbox One with the Kinect depth camera for substituting the headset of the other consoles.

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