More Video Games This Week: Wii U and Black Ops II


The popular video games of the year again have called the player for duty again. With the Black Ops II, fast-forwarding to the year 2025 the player experiences many challenges and of course great enthusiasm. The backdrop is Raul Menendez hijacking the military base of the United States and plays badly with them. The player needs to stop him, during which all high-end weapons and robotics are to be used.

Multiplayer Option

There is also option for multiple players, for which flexible load outs is made possible. For multiple players, the killstreaks is available as scorestreaks. As a team, the players also get rewards. For people who are fascinated about the zombies, as this was in the original version, a sequel has been provided to satisfy the people looking out for zombies.

If four players are playing simultaneously, the Tranzit, can be used. This is an open world setting. For more players at a time, up to 8 people, humans versus zombies style can be chosen.

The All-New Wii

The new tablet like touch screen of the Nintendo makes the player get into the real gaming mode. Another alluring feature of this new version of the gadget is the console, the Gamepad Controller. The high definition gaming is also worth mentioning. Like the Black Ops II, multi- platform feature is also included in the new Nintendo. The gaming experience is extremely challenging, as the zombies if not getting used to the backdrop will eat up the player soon.

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