MSI GT783 – Gaming behemoth for 17-inch laptop


While a lot of companies are trying to develop laptops that are smaller and for the normal users, there aren’t many generic manufacturers that focus on gaming. Most of them come out with ultrabooks or multimedia laptops but rarely those for gaming. MSI on the other hand, which manufactures a wide range of laptops from netbook to high-end rigs, had released a new gaming laptop called the MSI GT783.

First of all, it is a 17-inch monster. That usually explains a few things: the specs on a 17-inch laptop are more often than not a lot better as compared with those of a smaller size. In the case of the GT783, the same could be said as well. It offers a quad-core i7 processor and NVIDIA’s GTX 580M GPU which can easily be said, one of the best in the market. It also has a 16GB RAM which is a lot more than what most people need. The GT783 has a programmable keyboard backlight system which is definitely something worth looking at.

The price of this monster starts at $2,300 which is anything but a normal price for a laptop. However, for that premium price, the performance of the GT783 is still something worth spending on.

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  1. IT Rush says:

    What the heck, maybe I’ll just wait for another month and see if they’ll cut down the price to something more reasonable.. just hoping actually and can’t wait about it.

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