Must have Xbox 360 games for the start of 2012


2012 is coming in less than a week time and there are a lot of awesome games in the market that are worth to play. A lot of the games that will be mentioned have received high reviews from professionals as well as the casual gamers.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This particular game has one line that is quite popular amongst 9gaggers which is “I used to be an X, until I took an arrow to the knee”. Jokes aside, this game is considered one of the best games ever created with GameSpot giving it 9.0 out of 10 while Metacritic gave it 96. It is a highly adventurous game that will leave the gamers for more.

Grand Theft Auto IV

This may be one of the few games that has received a perfect 10 from GameSpot and a 98 from Metacritic. Its multiplayer mode allows up to 16 players to play in this expansive city. The story on the other hand is just superb and is definitely recommended for all mature gamers.

Battlefield 3

This particular game has been competing with Call of Duty and for good reasons as well. Although the game is of similar genre, the storyline and the gameplay are somewhat different. It is to no wonder that each of these games have their own fanboys.

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