New Legend of Zelda Game coming soon for Ninetendo 3DS


It is exciting news for the Zelda fans that the new updated gaming version is soon to be released for Nintendo 3DS gadgets. Nintendo has officially announced during an online presentation on Wednesday that very soon an updated version of Zelda will be available.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was initiated in the year 1992, and since then it has its own fan following. Now the same game will be improved upon, to 3D graphics and similar operation options and the gamers can see the links moving and drawing along the walls. Zelda Fans will get to play with this during the coming holiday season.

Others in the line

Apart from this Baby Mario and Yoshi’s Island are next in line for development. Nintendo had declared about Donkey Kongs Country to be developed and the same will be available by May 29. Luigi series also will be updated, but that will not be until the fall. Remember the old game Earth Bound that also will be revived after twenty years. As Nintendo grows with its 3DS-Wii U consoles the games are being improved too. But since we have heard about the Wii U panorama view, we are impatiently waiting for it.

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