New Nintendo games will be unleashed for Wii U; available at Best Buy


Nintendo has unexpectedly planned to release some new Wii U games for the fans! It is available at Best Buy stores during the next E3 event. Fans are overwhelmed to hear the news as this summer they will be getting several new Wii U games.

E3 for the people-says official report

Earlier Nintendo released the games that can be tried out by the game lovers attending the E3 event but this year Nintendo has planned to make E3 accessible to people. People will now get a hands-on opportunity to test the games in the event. In the meantime over hundred Best Buy stores across Canada and US will have access to buy it directly from E3 starting from June 11.

The Games

You must be wondering which games are supposed to be initiated! Well for the time being we are confident that Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Lost World from Sega, The Wonderful 101 and some more excellent options from Platinum Games are coming to the gadget by September 15.

Want to experience some of those games now? Then log on to YouTube for user-created games just paying a few more bucks.

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