Nintendo 3DS XL to be Available on 19 August


The new Nintendo 3DS XL will add to the portable gaming gadget lineup of Nintendo- with a larger screen, the same glassless 3D display, and the ignoring of the second analog thumb stick. However, the larger display comes at a price with the price shooting up to $199.99 from just $169.99 for the 3DS.

Bigger Display

The top display screen in the Nintendo 3DS was 3.53 inches while the bottom display was 3.01 inches. In comparison, the new display screen in the 3DS XL measures 4.88 inches and 4.1 inches. The handheld portable was rumored for some time now and is in for an August 19 release when the New Super Mario Bros 2 will also be released along with the portable console.

The Absent Analog Stick

 Most game developers had criticized the decision of Nintendo earlier to ditch the second analog stick in the 3DS gadgets. Moreover, this year they launched the 3DS Circle Pad Pro that will plug in to the portable gaming console to add the missing thumb stick. Still Nintendo has not brought on the second thumb stick in the new version of the portable too. The decision is perplexing considering how the gaming experience falls apart.

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