Nintendo Black 3DS XL Coming Soon


August 11 is the designated date when the formal black version of Nintendo 3DS XL will be seeing the light of day. The news was announced today, and this formal model will be available in red, blue and pink colors.

Excellent Strategy

This gaming console is being launched on the same day when the Nintendo 3DS popular game Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is being launched. In the game, the plumber brothers are transcended to the Pi’illo island in Luigi’s dreams. Battles and competitions are resplendent, and you can enjoy it on the Nintendo at only $39.99 by pre-ordering from Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and few other stores.

The Specs of the Console

The 3DS XL console has a 4.9 inch display with 4.2 inch lower side display, while the previous 3DS version had 3.5 inch display and 3 inch of lower screen. Being a higher end gadget than the 3DS it boasts of a longer battery life and has 4GB SD card.

If you are unable to afford the price you may also go for a refurbished 3DS, as well as DSi XL. Moreover, it is quite surprising to see that the refurbished products are also accompanying one-year warranty same as the new products.

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