Nintendo to Release Pokemon Titles in October


Two Pokemon video games will be released for the Nintendo gaming platform supposedly the sequels to the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White released earlier. A new Pokemon game called Dream Radar will be available for the Nintendo 3DS gadgets users from Nintendo’s eShop.

The Release

 The new video game titles for the gaming gadgets will be released on October 7 in Japan while the release dates for the US have not been made known. Earlier in February when the second version of the games were announced the launch dates in Japan were set up for June. We do not know why the release has been delayed.

The Games

The Pokemon White 2 and Pokemon Black 2 storylines follow the events of the original titles. The events in Unova follow two years after. Players will get to visit new areas with attractive additions to the previous titles. For one, the new games will bring new Pokemon to the story. A hugely exciting addition in the games is that in the Virbank City, gamers can now enter the Pokestar studios and even make a movie about your favorite Pokemon, which will go live in game theatres, and viewers will be rating them.

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