Nintendo Wii U released in United States


The Nintendo Wii U is a device that most people have already heard of but only today did the device made its way to the United States. In fact, the New York City had been a host to the launching event for the device and with it comes a lot of details about this new gaming console by Nintendo. In addition to the Nintendo Wii U, the company had also released a television functionality for the console called the Nintendo TVii.

Like the Japanese bundle that was made available in the land of the rising sun, the Nintendo Wii U will come in two flavors. The base level bundle comes with only 8GB worth of storage although at a cheaper price tag of $300. Add another $50 and you will get the premium bundle with 32GB worth of storage. Frankly, we don’t see a point of not spending an extra $50 for quadruple the amount of storage space.

Both versions will come with the console, a WiiPad, a charging stand, a play stand as well as a stand for the console. Those that forked out $350 for the premium version will also gain access to the Nintendo’s Premium Network. That alone makes the premium version the way to go.

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