Nintendo’s TVii to Launch Today


The wait is nearing its end! Nintendo has announced the launch of the much-awaited TVii services for its Wii U GamePad on December 20. The TVii App launch, which was delayed in early December, is now set to hit markets with its free, integrated service for the gadgets that is expected to change TV viewing patterns. The TVii App on its Wii U GamePad integrates various media streaming services to give the consumer a redefined, seamless viewing experience.

A quick look at its features:


The TVii App, would transform and combine the experience of gaming, television, social interaction and movies on one platform. The service brings Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant video integration and is expected to be joined by Netflix and TiVo by early 2013. Without using any additional equipment users can also comment and share their experience on twitter, Miiverse and Facebook with the help of Nintendo TVii.

Other services

The TVii allows cross searching among multiple streaming sources such as cable, video on demand and satellite to bring you a transformed program viewing. Just key in your program and allow the TVii to take over. The App would also allow sharing of your gaming comments over social networks.

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