Now Check Diablo 3 Servers from Android Gadgets


The Diablo 3 Server Checker will now give you the status of the game servers of Blizzard, the game developer, on the move in your Android gadgets. Eluamous, a mobile application developer released this free app. Eluamous has a reputation of bringing up a good game server checking apps it earlier brought out server checkers for ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ and ‘World of Warcraft’.

Why Check Servers?

Whether you play co-op or single player, the game requires a continuous server connection at all times. This means that you will have to be logged in all the time even if you are playing on your own. The game being just released this week has already experienced server outages and lag to which Blizzard has quickly responded with some changes to make its servers smooth. The server-checking app will help you keep track of the time your game server is down for maintenance or due to problems.

What does the app do?

The Eluamous app will check the status of the Blizzard servers in US, Asia and Europe and the ‘service status’ messages that the game developer posts to its site. As of now, Blizzard posts the messages to its US site only.

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