Ouya console to be launched in the market on June 4


Ouya has started dispatching the android based gaming consoles for the backers who booked early and for those who did not utilize the opportune moment will have to wait till June 4, to get the gadget.

Available in all the leading stores

You can shop for this android based gaming device on the leading e-commerce sites like best Buy, Amazon, Target, and GameStop. Priced at $99.99 it will be available in the markets of Us, UK and Canada at the same day, on June 4.

The Package

The package is supplied with the Ouya, a cube that can fit in your TV, a controller and the Tegra 3 Nvidia chipset. The CEO has not failed to specify that they have put in the best developers, games and efforts to present the gaming console. There are various gaming options like action, sports, Indie, arcade and so on. Ouya gaming console can remove content filters for empowering game creators and enabling a real gamer-driven healing.

You can check out this gadget because the leading names in the gaming industry like Tripwire Industries, Namco Bandai and Square Enix are associated with it. You can expect advanced gaming from this cube as small as a Rubik’s cube.

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