Plantronics comes with a new 7.1 gaming headset, called the GameCom 780


Plantronics have a lot of great devices that they have manufactured and most of their gaming products are audio devices. Their GameCom series are to be watched as these are exceptionally good and is available at a good price. It competes competitively with manufacturers such as Razer, Roccat and a few others.

The GameCom 780 is a great device by Plantronics and it is a gaming headset featuring a Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound. Like a lot of gaming headsets, it can be quite bulky and big as well. It features a microphone and is to be connected using a USB cable instead of the usual audio cable. The 40mm driver inside it pushes out the 7.1 surround sound without a hitch.

GameCom 780 is yet to be released in the market but it has already been showcased in CES recently. In fact, there were a lot of positive reviews about it. The price of this excellent headset is $80 which is within the range of most gaming headsets. However, if the customer thinks that the GameCom 780 is a bit overkill then the GameCom 380 should be considered instead. It is almost the same although without the Dolby surround sound feature and $30 cheaper as well.

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