Play Angry Birds in Your Samsung Smart TV Now


Samsung is intent on reaching out more to the Smart TV market. How it has entered into a tie up with Rovio to include the popular Angry Birds titles into the TVs natively! That means you would not have to use a gaming console or set-top box for playing on the TV screen!

Samsung-Rovio Deal

Samsung’s partnership with Rovio will bring Angry Birds games to the ES9000, ES8000 and ES7000 Samsung Smart TVs. Samsung has confirmed that it was working with the popular gaming franchise since its Smart TV lineup was displayed at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012 held in Las Vegas. The game will be a treat to the fans because it can be played using the motion controls of the smart TV.

Angry Birds Dominance

With this development, the Angry Birds franchise has made its entry into all of the gaming consoles and gadgets that include smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. With every passing day, the game is being enhanced with improved graphics and content. The Angry Birds Trilogy including Rio and Seasons will be released to the gaming consoles Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and the PS3 shortly. Moreover, Rovio is set up for total domination of the screen.

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