AT&T Representative Says No Special Plans for PS Vita 3G


Sony is going to partner with AT&T for PS Vita 3G, and as soon as this news came into air the PS Vita lovers are waiting for info about the PS Vita 3G plans prices. Many users want to go for the WiFi versions only, and AT&T is not providing any information regarding the kind of prices.

Gamezone got the prices

Mike Splechta at Gamezone visited the actual AT&T store to get an idea about the prices. And after their visit it was revealed that Vita is actually not having any specific data plans, but they are using the same data plans that exist for iPads or other 3G mobile devices.

What are the two plans?

The price of using 250MB data is $14.99 per month, and for 2GB data, it is $25 per month. Let us make some mathematical calculation here, the price for 2 GB is $25 in a month and if the user will keep it for 1 year for their gadgets the cost would be $300/year.

It is not sure why one should need a 3G plan instead of WiFi model, as the launch date of PS Vita is coming close, Sony might be looking to another option for the launch of their most awaited device.


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