Get Newer and Slimmer Sony PlayStation 3 for Lesser Cost


Lesser weight and price; PlayStation 3 new version gaming unit will now be available for its ardent followers this coming season of celebration. A rejuvenated model from the earlier versions, the PS3 entertainment product, will be less than 50 percent the size of the former play systems of the similar model. With the slimmer and sleeker look, quarter the size thinner than the earlier stations, the new console is set to take on the market.

Sony PS3 at Less Price

The month of September will witness the sales of the 250 GB PS3 version priced at $269, and the 500 GB PS3 model priced at $299 will be released to the public on 30th October. There is an add-on package for the European players, which is a 12 GB PS3 Flash Memory system. There are freebies that come attached with the gaming system.

  • 250 GB PS3 Model: Packaged with the popular game Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and an added gift coupon for $30 of the online game Dust 514 digital content.
  • 500 GB PS3 Model: Packaged with the famous Assassin’s Creed III game from Ubisoft

Other Contenders

The releases come in the wake of other newer uncovering of other play station market holders’ versions like the Nintendo Wii U game. Sony is on the contending wagon with brand names like MS Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wi, and is all set to free the payment tuned PS Plus for Vita hand-held gadget. Will the market sales technique put Sony as the top contender in PlayStation devices? It will be a worthwhile wait.

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