Launch Dates Out for Sony PlayStation 4


November 15 and November 29 of this year are announced as launch dates for the Sony PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe respectively. The same month and almost at the same time, the rival company, Microsoft also is all set to launch the Xbox.

Though, the launch of PlayStation 4 will gain popularity for the Japanese company, only the software can get acclaims for it. Though the Sony company has progressed a lot but still it needs some show stopping games to win the audience and to come on top.

Pros of PS 4

The PS 4 gaming console from Sony, PlayStation Vita has been priced much comfortable for the users. The device costs $199 and 127 in Euros, if the console is a Wi-Fi only model. This price is mentioned excluding the $50, which is the tax reduction. The memory cards for these gadgets are also said to be offered at low prices, assures the company.

Price Cut in Europe

The gadgets are to be sold for 170 Euros in UK. Japan too had the price reduced for the gadgets earlier. Mr. Ward feels that the $50 cut will boost the sales of these gaming consoles.

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