New PlayStation 3S on the Cards


It looks as Sony is doing the background work to launch new models of its popular gaming console. Two FCC filings have been unearthed with the model numbers CECH-400A and CECH-400B. These are believed to be the new 4000 series PlayStation; the current PS3 have the model number CECH-3000.

What May Come?

 Eurogamer says that thinner PS3 gadgets are imminent and may be unveiled at Gamescom next month. Kotaku agrees with the speculation of a slim PS3 upgrade since the PS2 had similar upgrades to the end of its life and before the launch of the next generation of the gaming console. In addition, it looks as if Sony wants to get more revenue from the PS3 lineup.

PlayStation 4 Rumors

The PlayStation 4 will features x64 AMD processor and Raedon graphics chip and is reportedly christened as ‘Orbis’. The display resolution could be 4096 x 2160p, and you can play 3D games at 1080p. Some game developers have reportedly received test consoles, and at the end of the year, beta units will be sent out. Orbis may use the anti-used games policy but is expected to have backward compatibility with PS3 games, now that playing PSOne games, and PS2 games in PS3 have been encouraged.

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