New PS3 wears startling new colors as it strikes Japan and Europe


At SlashGear, we have already noticed the popularity of colored Consoles and Sony seems to utilize it. Sony is initiating to new colors garnet Blue and Azurite Blue for the PlayStation 3 consoles that were earlier white in color. Japan with enjoy the first look at the gadgets with Europe to get the privilege next in line.

The PlayStation Japan versions VS the PlayStation Europe Version

The PlayStation Japan versions can be seen on the net, but for the PlayStation Europe versions you will have to log on to Amazon. Another difference is that the Japan Red and Blue version will have 250GB storage capacity where the European version will have twice as much of storage.

Other differences

The basic difference does not cease here- The version for the European market will have two controllers of DualShock 3 and price at 329 Euros, whereas the Version in Japan will have only the basic controller with a price of around $278.

However, it is not sure if the gaming consoles will come to US, but as recently PS3 of Classic while color has been recently announced the chances of these gadgets are there.

But the final word of conformation is still being wanted from Sony.

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