PlayStation 4 will enter the production line later this year


Sony will start producing the next generation of consoles later this year and the first devices will appear on the market in 2012, said some sources from the publication DigiTimes.

The devices will be based on the same technology of movements control as Kinect and will be manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron Technology. Initially, Sony executives have estimated that the PlayStation 3 will have a life expectancy of 10 years, but recently returned to the figures, and saying that will have a life cycle of 8 years.

Five years have passed since the launch of the PlayStation 3 in October 2006, in the same year as Nintendo launch the Wii console.

But unlike Sony, Nintendo has already announced that the next console generation, Wii U, will hit the market in 2012. Until then, we will keep you updated with the latest news about Wii U. If they have proposed to keep up with the competition, the Japanese will have to limit the lifetime of the PS3 to six years and launch the next console generation next year.

According to figures released by Sony in April, PlayStation 3 has sold a total of 50 million units. In April, the PlayStation network associated with the PS3 console was the target of some hacking attacks, which have kept the site offline for several weeks.

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