PlayStation Suite: Getting Ready for Non-Sony Android Devices


Sony is planning to make its platform available on other non-Sony devices, Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Kaz Hirai said.

Present Scenario

At this point of time, the platform is only available to Sony Ericsson Xperia play, Sony Tablet P and Sony Tablet S. In an interview with Hirai, it was confirmed that Sony was discussing with non-Sony companies so as to bring them onboard. Earlier in September, Sony claimed that it would soon be releasing an SDK for the PlayStation Suits which would help all game developers in creating a game that would run on all PS Certified devices. This covers PS Vita, Sony Ericsson Android smartphones, PS3 game console as well as Sony Android tablets. Unfortunately, the SDK would not be available in the markets until November.

What’s Expected

Also, Hirai said that the motive of PlayStation Suite platform is not to make it to limited to the Sony family, instead make it available to other platforms as well. Though Sony has declared this big thing but it is not yet certain as when it would be released since company’s own next-gen portable gaming gadget, the PS Vita, is not yet set to be launched.

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