Sony’s Famous PS Vita to launch new PS Store Apps


Sony’s latest play station Vita soft launched just last week starting with a limited edition release of its first edition sold at $350 for a bunch of breathtaking features 3G Vita, carrying case, and a 4GB memory card. It is officially launched today and with it come the additional features, a step-up to the gadgets digital platform- PS Store App.

PS Vita now Available:

Play Station Vita is so much liked because of its realistic gaming options in spite of some issues related to media playback. It is available now in most retail shops without having to make previous bookings for the gadget.

The Wi-Fi Vita available for $250 is also on sale now, first time in United States. Plus comes the 3G/Wi-Fi Vita only for $350. It comes handy with the launch bunch; it also has an 8GB memory card with it.

Various Titles To Sony’s PS:

With this launch come various names and titles for Sony’s PS Store. Although game selections available on PS last week were quite astounding, but the App field was almost inexistent. However, no worries now, as now you can download many apps like, Flickr, Netflix also the LiveTweet and all for free.

Although the users going for 3G will want their Wi-Fi connection, free for the first app. In addition, many games have also been included now in this gadget after the official launch including Touch my Katamari and Plants Vs Zombies.

Although the gadget has a front camera, but features like Skype are still not available. Hough rumors say that these features are expected to be included in the PS by next launch.

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