Sony Plans to launch the PlayStation 4 on 20 February


Sony, the leaders in electronic gadgets has been stumbling to make its mark in the gaming world. It is unveiling a new version of the PlayStation on 20 February. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft is scheduled to arrive in June- seems Sony is trying to establish its influence in the competition. With the earlier launch, PS4 will appear in the limelight without facing much competition.

Press Conference

The press conference in NYC did not see the gadget, but surely the PlayStation 4 is being intended and what else could be the future of the PlayStation Business. This console will be in keeping with the technology that followed with the Wii U from Nintendo from last fall and Microsoft’s Xbox scheduled to be launched in June.

Smart move

This was an extremely smart marketing strategy after the news of the Microsoft Xbox news. The PlayStation 3 was launched a year later to the last Xbox 360 and probably because of this point it could not hold the market in that proportion. Additionally Xbox 360 had a darned good online backup that helped to gain popularity.

With this launch, Sony is competing with the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft.

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