Sony Playstation Vita: Coming Soon


Sony is planning to launch Playstation Vita in first quarter of the next year. Playstation Vita is the latest portable gaming gadget from Sony that will be released in the Canada, US and Europe first and then it will be released in other countries.

Unique Features

What makes this video game player different from its counterparts is the fact that it has a touch-sensitive pad on the back of the device and has a touchscreen too. It is expected that Vita with Wi-Fi connectivity will carry a price tag of $250 while the one with 3G wireless data connectivity will cost around $300. In an age governed by smartphones as well as tablets, it would not be wrong to say that Sony is going to have a tough time making customers buy such game players when smartphones fulfill this requirement incredibly well.

Potential Market

It is true that people will only prefer switching to gaming gadgets like Vita when they would want to move from more simplistic games. According to Tretton, smartphone gaming is gaining a lot of popularity with every passing day which is why luring customers is becoming a major concern. The Sony Vita will hit the markets on December 17 in Japan.

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