Sony releases successor to the PSP, dubbed PlayStation Vita


The PlayStation Portable has been one of Sony’s flagship products with millions being sold worldwide. However, like most electronic products, it has to be replaced with a new product and in this case, PlayStation Portable or better to be referred to as the PSP was succeeded by PlayStation Vita or life in Latin.

At a price of $249, we find that the PS Vita a lot better as compared with the PSP as it features a multi-touch OLED screen which is a lot better its competitors. The front looks similar to the PSP only to differ to a few improvements on the buttons and an additional analog stick on the right side of the device.

In addition to that, PS Vita also has 3G and Wi-Fi capability which allows its users to connect with other gamers from all around the world so that they can compete globally at any time that they feel convenient.

Sony also had released a statement saying that the PS Vita will be launched in Japan as early as December 2011 although those interested to get their hands on the device in Europe or in the United States will have to wait until next year before they can do so.


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