Sony slims down the PlayStation 3 again


The technology behind the PlayStation 3 has been around since 2006 but even after 6 years, the sales of the device are still strong. This is most probably because the graphics available on PS3 game title. Nevertheless, the original version of the PlayStation 3 had already been slimmed down once but it seems that Sony has decided to slim down the device once again.

To some, the new look of the PlayStation 3 Slim 2012 might be a combination of both the previous version of the PS3 and the PS2 Slim but whatever it may be, it looks rather great. As usual, there will be two colors of it which are the black and white versions. However, the ones that will be released earlier is the charcoal black color. A bundle will be released with the PlayStation 3 Slim and the game inside it is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception “Game of the Year Edition”.

For those that might want to get a hand on the PS3 Slim 2012, you can get them from Japan on September 25. The price tag for the 250GB bundle version is around $269 making it even cheaper than the RRP of its predecessor which is at $299.

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