Sony unveils PS3 firmware Update for the PS Vita based on the system software 4.00


Sony has recently launched its latest PlayStation, PS Vita support, which is based on the PS3 system software (v4.00). Apart from the additional connective features and game saves PS3 with the help of Firmware version 4.00 can share video, music and images with the Vita.

What are the more options for users?

PS3 brings a lot of new firmware update features, such as, now a player is able to remote play by just entering the displayed PS3 code on the Vita. Firmware version 4.00 makes PS3 a better content managing tool for the PS Vita, as now users can copy the digital content, including music, photos, videos and games between the PS3 and Vita. It has become quite easy to get back up of PS Vita games by saving the data to the PlayStation3, while at the same time, updating the system software of PS Vita system by utilizing the PS3 online connectivity.

Automatic update features

Now the Plus members of PlayStation are able to choose disable or enable with each of these features which can be updated automatically.

• System software

• Game patches

• Sync trophy information

• Recommended videos and games

• Friend’s messages and requests can be filtered by using the new network settings.

Several security enhancements and Blu-ray upscaling are also the added features of these gadgets. Besides all this, British English has also been added in the language list of the system.

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