Voice controlling for the new generation PS4: rumor or reality?


Want to know some more news associated with the PlayStation 4? A recent image out on the Destructoid shows added features to the controller. But you need to know-there is no official confirmation regarding the genuineness of the snap.

Touchpad on the gaming console

We already know that the controller is equipped with a touchscreen, fitted between the colored buttons and the directional pad. The picture also states a blue light in the front thereby suggesting that Move Motion Functions are available.

Even more intriguing features

Notice the perforated sheet in the middle- this hints at some feature related to audio. The gadget could be supporting a voice control or may be equipped with a microphone or even a speaker as in the Wii Nintendo.

In pretext to the other PlayStations, it can be well said that this model will surely be advanced. It is speculated to get announced on 20 February, till then we will have to keep our fingers crossed.

The image leaked at NeoGAF forum of Orbis controller showed that the new controller has rounded, and convex four face buttons and the grips are quite longer than the DualShock PS3 controller.

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