Razer releases Mass Effect 3 gaming peripherals


Razer is a name known to most gamers as the company specializes in producing gaming peripherals for the masses. Most of its products not only look good but perform better than the average peripherals. The company is also famous for having limited gaming edition products and its collaboration with Bioware allows it to release a few products bearing the Mass Effect 3 name.

To make things clear, these aren’t new products but rather another version of their existing products, skinned to fit it into the theme that befits the game that it represents. In the case of Mass Effect 3, the limited edition products revolve around its Imperator gaming mouse, Onza 360 Tournament Edition gaming controller, the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, Chimera headset as well as the Vespula mousepad. Suffice to say that most if not all of its product categories is covered by one Mass Effect edition peripheral

In addition to these products, there is also a messenger bag as well as an iPhone case bearing the N7 logo. The Mass Edition of Razer peripherals will cost an extra $10 on average as compared with the unlicensed product. Is it worth it? Well, you’ll be the judge of that but one thing’s for sure: it does look good.

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