Reliable Leaks from Twitter about iPhone Game Controller from Logitech


Logitech iPhone GamepadTwitter leaks have given out this time the first shots of the Logitech iPhone gamepad and we all know that Twitter leaks are seldom false.

The First Look

The first look at the leaks reveals the gadget as a long slab (resembling a miniature TV remote!) with a provision for the iPhone in the middle. It is just over two inches in length with a small width. The directional pad is situated in the left, face buttons on the right side and two shoulder buttons placed on top. It has an input similar to the Super Nintendo controller.

Reminding you News

Do you remember the news that sometime back we heard about the Apple iPhone game controller meant for iOS7 with Moga and Logitech as partners? This leaked image closely resembles the one shown in the Developer Documentation of Apple. Do not fret for thumbsticks because there are two shoulder buttons on each side of the gadget.

Does this gamepad have the capacity to win the market? Many are still skeptical about the idea, but wouldn’t it great to play Grand Theft Auto and Tetris with physical buttons on the iPhone-what say!

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