Samsung 7 Series – a new competitor on the portable gaming market


It is hard to imagine that Samsung would attack the portable gaming segment with its devices. The Asian manufacturer has so far focused on laptop lifestyle, with an attractive design. The future 7 Series of the portable laptop that comes with a full HD screen diagonal of 17.3″, who’s exterior filter, is quite sleek.

The case seems to be metal and the keypad is illuminated with colored LEDs. More specifically, the keys W, A, S, D has behind them red LEDs and the other ones, blue LEDs. Directional keys are well separated and on the right side we find a wheel that makes the transition between the operating system profiles.

Its configuration is based on an Intel Core i7 quad core at 2 GHz, most likely the i7-2630QM model and a video card named AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2 GB RAM. The latter is one of the best today. The memory system will be limited to 16 GB DDR3, and the drive will be compatible with Blu-ray discs.

According to the lucky ones who got their hands of one of them, the Samsung 7 Series, 700G7A model, will enter the market in September at an estimated retail price of 1,800€.

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