Sony Confirms its Plans to Release PlayStation TV in UK


PlayStation TVSony had announced its intention to introduce PlayStation TV at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which was held in the second week of June this year. In accordance with such plans, the company plans to release the device in Europe as well as the UK.  The US market will be the first to experience these gadgets because the launch date for the US is October 14.

The device will be available in Europe from November 15. As of now, Sony has plans to release the device along with 3 digitals titles. The device along with such titles would cost 99 Euros across the Europe, and in the UK such bundled package would be sold for approximately 85 pounds sterling.


Overall dimension of the device is 6.5 centimeters by 10.5 centimeters. It includes internal storage of 1GB, ports for Vita memory and game cards, USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi support. The HDMI output features facilitate usage of video content from the sites such as Netflix, and iPlayer. One of the attractive features included in PlayStation TV is something similar to a second screen. Such screen is similar to PS Vita’s similar feature. Because of this second screen, users will be able to play games accessed from any local network.

Because of this, PlayStation 4 owners would be able to use the device for playing games from their PS4 in other parts of their home. Usually PS4 is placed under main TV. This means when other family members are watching any television program, no games can be played. But with PlayStation TV this drawback has been overcome. PlayStation TV is compatible with controllers in Dualshock 3 as well as Dualshock 4.


PlayStation TV competes with Apple TV as a video streaming and gaming device. It will be possible to stream all titles that were released for PlayStation line of products.

Sony has priced the product reasonably for the convenience it offers. However, the smart phone market is already saturated, and phablets are arriving on the scene. It won’t be long before phablets would take over the video streaming as well as gaming console functions. It would be in the interests of Sony to develop a product in that direction to retain its market share.

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