Sony’s Playstation Now Gives a Glimpse at the CES 2014


Sony PlayStation NowSony showcased its Playstation Now at CES 2014. The service facilitates streaming of games, without using conventional box.  The technology in it has moved to cloud for required processing. Effectively, people would be able to play the games they were able to play on Playstation 3 with just a screen, a controlling device and of course Playstation Now. 

Performance of Playstation Now

Playstation Now is a futuristic service. But as of now, its picture quality is not of the standards previously established by the boxes that were locally connected. There is perceptible time lag in loading of the game, though it is not much. Even graphics generated by this service are grainy.  It is, however, superior to previous products, and other console games in many respects. It can also be used for multiple player games. Players can also save their games on cloud. Effectively, they can restart from where they left once they have access to compatible gadgets.

Games and Gaming

There is a problem with Playstation 4. People cannot use many of the games developed for previous versions of Playstation consoles. As of now, Sony has demonstrated 4 games popular on Playstation 3, which can be played with Playstation Now. These games are “The Last of Us”, “Gods of War: Ascension”, and “Beyond: Two Souls”.  The company intends to make Playstation Now compatible with many of the previous games in a span of a year or so.

Gadgets world is rejoicing with this service because it does away with $500 box that was mandatory with previous gaming consoles. A cheaper box would suffice in the future for console gaming, which would also be considerably smaller. There may also be a time when even that would not be needed for gaming. According to Sony’s plans, Playstation Now will be available for both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 by 2014 June. The company also has plans to give access to this service on its portable product, i.e., Playstation Vita. The service would also be available on 2014 Bravia TVs by the end of the year.

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